Sunday, February 06, 2011

Ice - no ice; ice - less ice

I haven't taken many photos these past several days. I haven't wanted to take the camera out onto the ice.  Even with boot grippers, the ice is so bad that I slip while wearing them.  I've tossed out more ice melt int he past two days than I've used in the previous two years. I found some "barn grip," which is really stones crushed slightly larger than sand, and used up 50 lbs of that.  I still have ice.

Today the temperature is finally above freezing here on the mountain, so the ice is lessening.  Down off the mountain the roads are dry and ice-free.  But when you look up at the mountains, you'll see ice hanging on to the last 100 feet before the top of the mountain.  That's where I am.

I am officially sick of ice, though in truth, it doesn't take much ice before I am sick of it, and I've had a lot more than just a bit of it this week.  I shuffle around the cabin like an elderly old woman, trying not to fall, tossing out salt or crushed stones in front of each step.  The chickens think I am scattering feed and rush to the edge of the pen in hopes of scoring something good.  They have been much disappointed this week by that.

Today (Sunday) is an improvement, with the sun actually breaking through and blue sky seen at least occasionally. Like a sun-starved flower I've put my face to it as much as possible, trying to soak up the winter-weakened rays.  It's better than nothing, which is what I've seen for the past two weeks until today.

Some winters are sunny ones, even during extreme cold.  Not this one.  It's been cold and not-sunny for what I am remembering as the entire winter to date so far. That's probably not quite the case, but it sure is how I'm remembering it.


Scott said...

We actually got to go for an ice-free walk this afternoon at our local state park. People rent historic farm houses in the park from DCNR, so the park superintendent has got to clear access to the houses. A three-mile blissful stroll in sunny, 43 degree temperatures--our first in three weeks! I sympathize, Carolyn.

Cathy said...

No you are right, there seem to be less sun this winter. I too, was above freezing for a change and took a wonderful walk. Well the second half of the walk was cloudy. Grr!

however, tomorrow i might get another 2-4 inches of snow :(


Carolyn -- this has been an unusual winter -- lots of overcast days here in KY. However today felt like spring, snow gone, and tiny green things popping up out of the soil. Hold on -- spring is just around the corner. -- barbara

Woodswalker said...

My sympathies. Ice is not nice!

Carolyn H said...

Scott: Lucky you! The ice turned slushy here yesterday--an improvement. This morning it was frozen hard again. I know there must be less of it because of yesterday's melt, but this morning it didn't really look that way.

Cathy: More snow is headed here for tonight, too, though only another inch, not 2-4 like you are to get.

Barbara: Green things?!? That certainly sounds like spring. I won't have green things for at least another two months.

Woodwalker: I hope you have missed the ice this winter. I guess I'm too far south!