Friday, February 25, 2011

Blue sky with morning moon

The morning was rainy and dreary, with dense fog, but then the gloom lifted and now the sky is a brilliant, jewelled blue. The beautiful snowfall of just a few days ago is already soggy and disappearing fast.

Winter appears to be losing strength right now. It’s still early enough in the season for cold and wintry weather to make a strong reappearance at some point, but it doesn’t look as though that will happen in the next week. The weather has changed so fast over the past few days that I discovered I had four different coats draped over the backs of the kitchen chairs, each a different weight.

I had my winter coat that I wear to work if I can do without the down parka. A winter-weight jacket was on a different chair. That’s what I wear during my off-work outside time if I don’t need the parka or a coat that covers my hips. I had also pulled out my full-length raincoat with liner and my rain jacket with a liner, which I used once the rain settled down to a drizzle.

Four coats in two days is a sign of a changing season if ever there was one.


Elora said...

I saw that moon, Carolyn! But those dark clouds eclipsed it quickly and now we're down to 34 degrees and still very windy.

Spring's out there somewhere!! Have a good weekend!


Darcy said...

We've had the same weather here in Southeastern PA and this morning it was so pretty to watch the fog come up off the remaining snow. Rain came later and now the heavy winds with many branches littering the roads. What will the weather bring us next? I guess I will have to wait and watch.

Carolyn H said...

Elora: I think spring is in hiding at the moment.

Darcy: Did you get snow from Sunday's storm, too? Or did you stay with rain (and flooding). Yikes, what a mess!