Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer beckons

The rain has finally stopped.

It was never a hard rain, but days of unrelenting mist and drizzle are just as wearing on the spirit.

Today my view everywhere I look is green and greener.

The temperature will rise from warm to hot by tomorrow. I believe I am ready for that. I had heat on at the cabin until the morning of May 20. That’s the latest ever, I think. I might have been able to do without earlier if the weather hadn’t been so damp.

The weather may have been a factor in two unusual bird sightings over the weekend. The birds themselves weren’t unusual, but I never saw an eastern towhee or a red-winged blackbird in a tube feeder before. They don’t quite make up for the lack of warblers on the mountain, but they were still a pleasant surprise.

I am looking forward to taking a hike without getting soaked feet. Walking shoes take forever to dry out when the weather stays wet. By using an old pair, I managed to walk three days in a row before I ran out of shoes. Then I decided to wait to walk again until the first pair was thoroughly dry.

Today will be the day.

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