Tuesday, May 04, 2010

From one mountain to another

This past weekend I ventured off Roundtop Mtn., and just for something different to do, I traveled down the road bit to Adams County and visited a different mountain for a change. I visited my favorite fairgrounds and the Apple Blossom Festival at South Mountain. The Apple Blossom festival is the smaller, spring version of the two weekend long, National Apple Harvest Festival that takes place in October.

I like the spring version better, simply because it’s smaller and less crowded. In the spring I don’t have to get to this tiny fairgrounds by shuttle bus or brave the traffic caused by people from four states who don’t know where they are going snarling the two-lane roads. In the spring, it’s mostly the local folks who attend. The food is the same—and just as good—and so are the crafts.

And when the weather is as lovely as it was on Saturday morning, what’s not to like? I went early and managed to park just a few feet from the craft barn, so I didn’t even have far to walk. Not many fairgrounds are nestled among tall pines, at the foot of a mountain, with a fine trout stream rushing down the mountain just a few feet away. For ambiance, the place simply can’t be beat.

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