Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blue amongst the green

I am posting this photo today for no good reason except it’s the only one I’ve taken recently that has a bit of blue sky in it. My other recent photos are green, all green, and today I’m tired of green. Also, it’s raining at the cabin again, and I didn’t feel like posting a rainy photo either.

It’s a scary thing to think I’m already feeling a bit bored with green and it’s not even Memorial Day yet. Hopefully, this is just a momentary bit of ennui, and the real boredom with green won’t set in before August at the earliest.

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Elora said...

Hi, Carolyn,
Elora, here....just hope and pray it's not brown by the time we get to August! Things here can dry up fast and then we pine (no pun intended) for green!