Thursday, April 01, 2010


After what feels like forever, the sun is out this morning and the temperature is climbing toward warm. The dogs are bouncy and full of energy, the chickens are trying to forage further afield and the raccoons are busier than ever. Everywhere I turn, everyone and everything showed more energy in the last 24 hours than I saw all winter long.

I’m starting to see signs of growth on the forest floor—the bloodroot is just tipping above ground, but most everything else is just an undecipherable leaf or two. I study the tiny leaves hoping I can figure out what they may turn out to be, but I usually give up. It’s too soon, if tantalizing.

I’ve also reached the point in the season where I need to clear up around the cabin. “Things” that made for interesting bumps in the snow now show themselves for the junk they really are. The stone walkway I’ve been very slowly building needs cleaned up and readied for more work. The juniper bush that I’ve let grow into a natural state is threatening to take over my driveway and certainly needs trimmed back. The unending war against multiflora rose needs to be engaged yet again. I know this war is unwinnable but the battle needs fought, and besides, I want to walk through my back forest without leather chaps. Perhaps this year.

Isn’t it amazing, what a little bit of sunshine can do?


Chris said...

Yes it is amazing what a little sunshine does for everything! I agree, and you're right, the amount of energy has increases everywhere. I love it!

Cicero Sings said...

Oh, those roses! Many is the time I'm thankful for a sturdy pair of jeans.

Sun, sun glorious sun. It is pouring rain plus windy here in Vancouver this morning. Tomorrow we head north to home sweet home.

Carolyn H said...

Cicero: Have a safe trip home!

Carolyn h