Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Spring beauties are early too!

I am starting to sound like a broken record. The spring beauties are blooming in the forest today, and like everything else this year, they are early by a good ten days. In 2009 and 2007, their bloom date was April 17. In 2008 it was April 15, and in 2010 I first saw two flowers on April 4, followed by many more by April 6.

Yesterday the temperature broke a record for the day by 4 degrees, a huge number. It feels as though I am in heat wave territory. Records will likely fall today, too, before relief arrives on Thursday when the temperature will drop some 30 degrees. Of course, that relief will come with thunder and lightning and possibly other severe weather.

Ninety degree weather is not something I am prepared for in early April. It was only last week that I put away my midwinter sweaters and replaced them with long-sleeved cotton tops and cotton sweaters. This week I need short-sleeved midsummer wear and linen trousers, but I’m not about the iron the winter wrinkles out of anything in this heat.

The windows are open, and the dogs loll on the deck. Easter flowers wither by evening even when watered in the morning. I fear it’s going to be a long, hot summer, with an emphasis on the long.


Cathy said...

It's hot up here but the wind is blowing through at a good clip.

Chuckle over getting out the short sleeves shirts. I did that yesterday, grab a few. Everything is popping up and we don't need a cold snap now.

Sam said...

The appreciation of the rythmn of life and the beauty of nature does not sound like a broken record to me. I rejoice in your happiness.

Carolyn H said...

Hi, Sam!

I always try to appreciate the woods around me, but I think the rhythm is off at the moment--perhaps not broken, though.

Take care!

Carolyn H said...

Cathy: Well, it's short sleeves today but apparently a frost tomorrow night. My wardrobe can't keep up!


jeannette said...

ninety? Wow, it didn't even geet that hot yet in California (85 I think was the hottest about 10 days ago)!