Monday, January 11, 2010

Pretty winter day

The weather was lovely this past weekend—cold, but sunny. Best of all, the wind didn’t come out to wreak havoc play, so I am happy with winter again. This was the kind of winter weather that’s fun to play in and be out in. I took advantage of it to wander around in the woods, visiting the gamelands that border Roundtop Mtn.

To most people, perhaps especially in a snow-covered winter, the gameland forests probably don’t look much different than the woods around Roundtop. But to me, who knows Roundtop so well, these woods are different enough to be interesting.

Most basic, at Roundtop I am usually on a hill or in a deep, dark and narrow valley between hills. Down in the gamelands, I have wide open vistas to enjoy. On a bright winter afternoon with a sapphire sky overhead, that’s a nice difference.

The gamelands have more “edge” habitat than Roundtop, so I get to see more sparrows—something usually in short supply up on Roundtop. Occasionally, the woods open up and give way to old fields where I can see bluebirds and a few robins flocking together, the odd mockingbird or a Cooper’s Hawk gliding overhead. Dog came along with me for my ramble, and a good time was had by all.

The winter season is still early, and I hope we can have many more days like this one to enjoy. I hope the bitter, windy days and overcast skies are gone for a good, long while.


Cicero Sings said...

The day really does look beautiful and the road enticing ... definitely a day for explores.

We have it warm here ... +6.6C at the moment and our snow is mushy ... very mushy ... making walking difficult. Just in from a wee walk but it was enough of a walk to satisfy his little nibs. It seems that when it is cold in the east it is warm in the west.

Cathy said...

I prefer if it was just a tab warmer. beautiful photo too. I too hope these cold windy days are gone too. Enough already.

I did see snowflakes yesterday, exactly 12. Those were they one I cut out for teh kids room. Lol

Carolyn H said...

Cicero: Yes, i've noticed too that when it's cold here, you have warm temperatures. Weird, eh? I slipped all over the place this morning--a dusting of snow atop ice means I can't tell good footing from bad.

Carolyn h.

Carolyn H said...

Cathy: I had enough new snow to call it a dusting. It covered the paths and roads, that was about it. I'm enjoying the few degree warmer--and no wind--right now.

Carolyn h.