Tuesday, January 19, 2010


This past weekend brought a wide variety of weather to Roundtop—sunny, warm, heavy rain and wind. All things considered, I preferred the non-rainy, non-windy days. After the recent spate of cold and wind, a day in the 40’s felt like almost summery. And in case you think I’m exaggerating, yesterday I saw four young girls in t-shirts walking along the streets of the nearby town. So it wasn’t just me, though I do think you actually need to be 9 or 10 to go out in t-shirts in 40-degree weather, though I’m not yet too old to at least think about it.

With the rain went the snow and much of the ice. On the snowmaking ponds where the ice never gets too thick, I saw open water on Sunday. On Pinchot Lake, I saw people ice-fishing yesterday, but watching them made me a little nervous after all that rain. I didn’t hear about anyone falling in, though, so I guess it was alright.

By Monday, as the temperature was already dropping back down, the ice began to form again. That’s what today’s pictures are—the thin ice forming over top of the snowmaking pond. January thaws never last forever, though I wouldn’t have argued about another day or two.

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ramblingwoods said...

I love that second ice photo...