Friday, January 08, 2010

The day's snowy start

A little snow fell overnight at the cabin. A little snow makes everything pretty. An ugly pile of leaves suddenly becomes a lovely, snowy bump, an interesting feature in an otherwise flat area. The same holds true with lawn furniture and old buckets. Sometimes spring can be a shock when I discover what’s actually under those pretty bumps.

The latest spate of cold weather will begin tonight and last through the weekend. At the moment the winds are still calm enough for snow to stick on twigs and branches or the bark of an old hickory tree. The upcoming cold wouldn’t, actually, be bad at all if it was unaccompanied by wind. The forecast suggests my hope for that is a pipedream.

So this morning the dogs were silly in the snow, and the chickens scratched happily to discover they could reach bare ground. The wild birds, I think, know something is coming. They were already rushing my feeders before daylight was well-established. And me? I’ve got my snow pants ready for the weekend, and an extra box of tea bags awaits to warm me up from the chill ahead.

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JOE TODD said...

Ohio and Penn. look a lot alike