Thursday, November 19, 2009

Can't see the forest for the fog

This morning, I can’t see the forest for the fog. And the rain isn’t helping either. So the forest and its creatures are hunkered down on a November day waiting for the weather to improve. It could be a lot worse. The rain today doesn’t feel nearly as cold as the near-freezing rain of two weeks ago. The hunkering down today is more for comfort than necessity this time. In November, that’s about as good as you can hope for. At least it’s good enough for me. The dogs didn't mind if we didn't take the usual walk this morning. A shortened walk suited them as well as it did me.

A headlamp in the fog doesn't work any better than headlights on the car. I stumbled more than once and that was enough.

Time for a hot mug of tea.


Woodswalker said...

Sometimes a cold damp day is just what we need. There's something so restorative about snuggling in with a good book, warm pets nestled close, and a nice cup of tea.

Pablo said...

Stay warm!

Carolyn H said...

Woodwalker: You've got that right! Warm dogs/cats, good book, hot tea--priceless!

Carolyn h.