Friday, May 29, 2009

Just a "little" rain

Last night I had 4 inches of rain.

This morning I have water in the basement and a collapsed chicken tarp. But it could be worse.

The water in the basement amounted to about an inch. I pumped it down to about .25 inch or thereabouts. The pump can’t work with less than that.

The chicken coop is still covered by the chicken wire, if no longer quite as secure as previously. The tarp is still held up on two ends. The chickens were unperterbed by the events of overnight. I’d cut a slit in the tarp to drain rain water and so it wouldn’t puddle, but I guess I need more slits for four inches of rain.

The good news? I can forget about that 4 inch rain deficit.

I slept through most of the event and certainly didn’t realize how much it was raining until I got up this morning. That’s when I saw the lane and my driveway, which now will require a four-wheel drive vehicle to get in and out or up and down the mountain. Fortunately, I have one of those.

Well, at least it’s Friday. Presumably, the chickens will remain okay until I can get another tarp tomorrow. The forecast is for scattered showers today. I hope the scattering isn’t over my cabin. Saturday is supposed to bring clearing skies, and I’m ready for those.

This morning as I was leaving the cabin I found this fern, still rain drops still in place. It’s a sensitive or bead fern (onoclea sensibilis in case there’s a different common name for it in your area). The woods look lovely this morning, raindrops on everything. The greenery is so thick that a jungle pales in comparison. Funny, I never thought I’d ever get to live in a rain forest.


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

FOUR inches! I hope it comes in smaller installments next time!

I love sensitive fern. It's my favorite of the many that grow up at Hasty. That one only grows down along the creek.

The-Grizzled-But-Still-Incorrigible-Scribe-Himself! said...

Rain here yesterday, too…though I don't think as much as four inches! I believe I said an inch on my blog posting, but that was just a guess based on the water in the wheelbarrow I forgot to turn upside down after I finished my flower bed construction. The river is still clear and at the same level, however, so yesterday's rain estimate was likely close. It's bright sun and blue skies today.

I'm glad your chickens came through the heavy rain unscathed…and you, too, for that matter. :-) You have, I'll remind you, been wishing for rain. Must have been more rain than storm if you slept through it.

I do envy those ferns…

Carolyn H said...

Lynne: Yes, four inches with a forecast of .25 to .5. Quite a bit of difference, that.

Griz: You're right. It wasn't a storm, just a rain. Fell straight down out of the sky, no wind either. I remember waking up a time or two and hearing it rain, but I didn't think it was raining THAT hard.

Carolyn h.

Cathy said...

Nice to hear that your chickens are ok. I did have the radar this afternoon. Looks like you had a good size T-sorm pass through your area.

Woodswalker said...

Beautiful photo of Sensitive Fern. I love its pale green color that stands out in the darkened woods. Especially dark these rainy days! Four inches! My goodness, that's a lot. But we need rain here in the northeast, we're running a deficit lasting several years. The problem is, when it comes so fast it runs off fast. Sorry about your cellar. What a pain!

Carolyn H said...

Cathy: Yes, I had a thunderstorm, intense for a few minutes. It was worse, apparently, a few miles north of me. And the dogs weren't under the bed, so the lightning couldn't have been that close.

Woodswalker: that 4-inch rain allegedly erased the water deficit her, but so much ran off, that it really doesn't do as much good as 4 inches of a nice rain, spread out over a few weeks, might have done.

Carolyn h.