Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Pretty Pair

Don’t these two make a handsome pair? They were parading around Roundtop the other day, oblivious to passing traffic (not that there’s much). I’m always a little surprised at just how large turkeys are, much larger than Canada geese. And yet, I see them not all that often. Wouldn’t you think that a creature this size would stand out more? And since where you find one turkey, you always find more, sometimes many more, I’d think they’d be more obvious, somehow. And even if I didn’t see them all that often, I would expect to see more signs of them—hear the gobbling frequently, see signs of scratching more often, but I don’t. And then suddenly, they simply waltz out into the open and remind me they are still around. Funny birds.

I'm at that point in the summer season where I'm waiting for the next thing to happen. Summer is here. It's in full swing. I'm ready for it to be done and something else to take its place. I thnk one of the reasons I don't care much for summer is that it feels a bit static to me. It arrives, it stays and little changes until it's time for fall. Spring and fall are seasons of near-constant change. Winter also feels changeable to me--the deepening or lessening of the temperature with the ever-present threat of storms. To me, summer doesn't change all that much. I get bored. It's probably just me.


Cicero Sings said...

I'm not fond of summer ... I really don't like the heat. Spring and Fall are my faves but winter is okay too. It's true too, that a lot happens in the spring and fall ... much more exciting.

nina said...

I'm a spring and fall-lover, too.
Because, as you say, it's less static. I crave change and newness--that may be a fault of mine.
I must try to be more satisfied with less.

I've gotten into insects more this year. They seem to make up for the lull in bird and other wildlife activity.

Carolyn H said...

Nina: I, too, have this vague sense that I should better learn how to enjoy the more static nature of summer. So far i'm not very good at this.

Sometimes I console myself with the idea that I'm not really sure humans are hard-wired to appreciate non-change. We are always looking for something different--and not just in the outdoors!

Carolyn H.