Friday, July 25, 2008

Not What I Expected

The flower in this photo is, I think, a yellow loosestrife. It might be an intermediate yellow loosestrife, one of the lysimachia family. It’s the pointy leaf shape that makes me think that’s what it is.

This weekend did not proceed as I hoped. I managed to carve out some time for a nice walk in the woods but thunderstorms kept me from venturing too far. Saturday was consumed with errands early on, and by the time those were taken care of, rain and thunder ruled the afternoon. Dog and I actually got to set out on a walk on Sunday morning. I think we’d walked all of about 150 yards when a big boom of thunder rolled through the forest from lightning that was only 2-3 miles away. We turned around and went back to the cabin. The storm played around the edges of the forest for several hours, and when it finally moved off for good, the temperature was too high for an enjoyable walk, so we weren’t able to do the major exploring I like to do on the weekends.

I watched the hummingbird wars from my front deck—those little warriors cleaned out the feeder in two days. Between guarding the feeder and chasing off intruders, it’s no wonder those tiny birds use so much energy. A pair of Wild Turkey rambled around after one of the storms passed—no young with them, though. It was a quiet weekend. Summer doldrums are here.

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