Friday, September 21, 2007

View from the Mountain

Every so often I walk up one of the slopes at Roundtop, as I like the open views, especially after living at the cabin, where a view of 15 feet is about all I get in the summer.
I took this shot on Tuesday from the top of one of the bunny (the smaller) slopes, and as you can see, nothing much in the way of fall color change is yet evident. That surprised me a little, as the forest understory is starting to be quite yellow and more than a bit withered. I'm hoping to make the trip up one of the slopes each week, weather permitting, to see how the colors change from week to week.
The current state of the season is that it switches from fall to late summer and back to fall again every other day or so. Shifts of in temperature of 20 degrees and more from day to evening seem to be the norm. I can start the day with a light sweater and by the end of it, I'm wearing a sleeveless shirt. Or, sometimes it goes the other way--starting in short-sleeves only to have the temperature take a dive within 8-10 hours so that I end up needing a sweat shirt. Windows open, windows closed--it's a guessing game where I always lose.

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Jennifer said...

Yeah.. this is the time of year to where a flannel shirt over the tee. It looks sporty tied around your waist when it gets too warm, and is always there when it gets cool again!