Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Afternoon Walk

I have nothing but excuses, really, for why it has been so long since I've walked the old road that runs in the valley between Roundtop Mtn. and Nell's Hill. It has been too hot, too wet, I haven't had enough time-- the list could be longer but they are all still excuses.

Yesterday, I finally put my excuses behind me and headed off the mountain and down into the valley. This pond is the first thing I see when I get to the bottom. The sky, as you can see, was perfectly clear, a perfect September day. The quiet, except for blue jays who were outraged with my presence, was as deep and still as the pond. The trail through the valley is not long or particularly difficult. The woods are dark, and even in early afternoon, as my walk was, photography is difficult and not altogether satisfying. In some ways, taking photos down here is easier in winter, though there is often less then to take photos of. The winter light, at least, is better throughout.

The stream that splits the valley was running faster than I expected to find it. The summer and the past few weeks have been dry. In some years the stream has gone almost completely dry, and even when that doesn't happen, it isn't unusual for it to run slowly in between its deep pools.

On this walk, I saw no wildlife--other than the outraged blue jays. So I was alone with the quiet of the woods on a windless day. Likely I was watched by forest residents that I didn't see.

Now, I am angry with myself for not making this walk more often this summer. I have taken this spot and this walk for granted, and that is something I should never allow to happen. Life takes turns that we never expect, and I should not assume that either the forest or my own health will be there forever. I should enjoy both while I have them and take advantage of a cloudless sky wherever and whenever I find it.

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ChicagoLady said...

Those are some beautiful pictures!