Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Back at the Cabin

September is a good month for a lot of things beside bird migration. Today's photo is two stacks of (I think) ringless honey mushrooms. These mushrooms are found along the east coast, often around oak trees. September is the month when I find the most interesting-looking mushrooms here on the mountain. I rarely see the same ones from year to year, so that alone makes finding them fun. I've certainly never seen a clump like this before.
The weather here has turned a bit chilly. The night time temperatures are now in the mid-40's. The lower temperatures will start to move the trees toward their color change. I can see the beginnings of it already. I've so far resisted building a fire or turning on the heat. In another few days it will warm up again, and in the meantime there's no reason why I can't wear a sweater indoors. In fact, by wearing a sweater inside, I can go in and out without having to stop to put one on or take it off. The house still stays fairly warm during the day, anyway.
I am starting to bring the most tender houseplants inside, though I hope I can leave my fig tree outside for another few weeks. It's grown another foot this year, and I have no idea where I will put it. Well, I do sort of have an idea, but even if it fits, it will block access to my radio and at least one bookcase for the entire winter.
So far, I've seen no sign that the annual deer rut, which makes driving after dark dangerous, has begun. This morning Dog and I did see several deer. They bounded away from us, one of them leaping into the air like a gazelle with every few steps.
My bird feeders are starting to get a fair amount of activity. Yesterday, a Carolina wren spent an hour or so chasing away any other bird that tried to eat from it. It didn't matter if the other bird was larger or not. That scrappy little wren was trying to keep it all for himself. I also filled a large plant saucer with water and set it on the deck railing. Several birds used it, but one little chickadee came back and forth 6-7 times that I saw. I could tell it was the same bird by one feather that stood up on the top of its head. That one seems especially interested in the water.
Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the cooler temperatures, and a lot happens outside my door for me to keep an eye on. I can't ask for anything more than that.


Lynne said...

Fall is without a doubt, my favorite season too. I watched a red-breasted nuthatch exibiting the same possessive behavior last weekend. He few from feeder to feeder, trying to keep them ALL for himself!

Cathy said...

I had frost advisery for Monday morning and there was a little frost on the roof. Mornings have been chilly and I'm back to having the windows close at night.

Tomorrow I have to go into the crawlspace and get out some long sleeve shirts out. Part of me wishes it would just get cold. I'm so tired of wearing my summer clothes

Carolyn H said...

Lynne: Lucky you to have a red-breasted nuthatch! I'm hoping to have them this winter, but none have arrived at my feeders yet!

Cathy: No frost here yet (and I looked), but it was close the one morning. Still, fall is on its way, and it's time to dig out the flannel shirts again!

Carolyn H.