Thursday, August 17, 2006


Last evening when I got home from work, I went out to greet the dogs as usual. They were enthusistic about my return as usual. Then I clipped Dog to the flexi-lead to take him for his walk, again as usual. While Dog gets his walk and his one-on-one time with me, Baby Dog remains on the deck. Then after Dog's walk is over, I come back and take Baby Dog for her walk. Except this day.

Dog and I were no further than the front deck, when suddenly Baby Dog comes crashing around the front of the cabin, joyfully joining Dog and me. She has escaped from the deck.

Since Baby Dog is now loose and thoroughly pleased with herself, I don't want to make a big deal about her being loose, which might entice her to run from me. I'm hoping that since Dog is with me she will stay with the both of us.

I keep a dog tie around one of the beech trees out front, so I calmly walk towards there, while Baby Dog is rushing around, ricocheting from from side to the next. Once there, I call the wild little puppy over, she comes, so I grab here and attach her collar to the lead. Drama ends.

Baby Dog has been an escape artist since the day I brought her home. As a tiny puppy, I kept her in the bathroom behind a kid gate. The bathroom faces the entry and living areas of the cabin so the puppy can see what's going on while I can do other things. Dog was content to stay behind the kid gate long after he'd grown large enough to jump out over it because he knew he was supposed to stay in there. Baby Dog climbed over it before she was 9 weeks old.

When I walk out back again I see that Baby Dog has actually broken through the kid gate to join Dog and I on our walk. Now I'm not about to buy a new kid gate this week, so I repaired it with a stick for a splint and that miracle of miracles--duct tape. But then I wasn't convinced this would hold my little escape artist, so I pushed the plastic Dogloo in front of it. Since neither dog will go into the Dogloo, this was a wasted expense but today it will finally be good for something.

Some how, in this last picture, Dog looks guiltier than Baby Dog.


Cathy said...

ROTF!!!!!! Watch Baby Dog learn how to move the igloo next week.

ChicagoLady said...

That's because Baby Dog doesn't think she's done anything wrong!

your said...

phentermine nice :)

pablo said...

We used a kid gate much like this, only the mesh was made of plastic. Our new pup Max managed to chew through it. He was certainly pleased with himself when he joined us all in the other room.