Monday, August 21, 2006

Baby Dog is One Year Old

This weekend Baby Dog celebrated her first birthday. I can't believe she's a year old already, but she is. The First picture was taken the day I brought her home.

She was rescued from somewhere down in the Hurricane Katrina area. From the pictures I have and what I've been told, I think she was in already in a shelter (and just 10 days old) when the hurricane hit. I have a picture of her being bottle fed at at 14 days old, and she was already out of the worst of the hurricane's path then. So she was either moved out of that area before the hurricane hit or she was moved out very quickly afterwards. I don't know exactly where she was then, only that she was in that region.

I got her a wiggley-giggly toy for her birthday. These are the toys that make odd noises when a dog rolls them around. She has completely ignored it. So much for that idea. Another $10 down the drain.

When the Purple Door festival started, she barked everytime someone hit a drum extra hard or if the vacals were unusually loud. Then Dog would join in, and I had two dogs barking every few minutes. Dog didn't really care about the noise from the festival. He was only paying attention to Baby Dog's barking. The festival was half over before she stopped barking at every sound.

The second picture is the way the little goofball looks today.

The festival is fun, but I'm glad it's over, and peace has returned to the mountain. I'm looking forward to a nice long walk with the dogs this evening, without encountering traffic, hordes of people or hearing the bands all day long.

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