Saturday, December 10, 2005

Snow Tree

A beautiful snowy day! I finally got the truck back up to the cabin door this afternoon. Whenever the forecast is for more than 6" of snow, I usually park the truck down at the bottom of the mountain, in or near one of Roundtop's parking lots. The road up to the cabin isn't usually cleared right away, and parking away from the cabin is the only way to ensure that I can get in and out and not be stranded for days.

I still have to hand shovel the lane but since this snow was so powdery, I only cleared the area where I turn the truck around and then just drove through the rest of it. I love 4-wheel drive in the winter!

I'm always surprised when I get the truck out onto the public roads as I often find them completely clear of snow even when I'm still knee deep in it.

My bird feeders have been busy all day with the usual suspects. I went out to the parental farm earlier today, and their feeders have more variety than mine. I saw house finch, a sapsucker, downy woodpecker, mourning dove, blue jay, red and white-breasted nuthatch, white-throated sparrow, junco, chickadee and titmouse. I've had a grand total of 5 species today at my own feeders.

Cathy: I didn't realize that you had more snow in NJ than I did here. It's kind of unusual to have this much snow before Christmas, but I love it!


Cathy said...

Actually I'm in Pike County Pa. I used to live in NJ. Sorry I must cunfuse you with last post .Sorta miss it.

Carolyn H said...

Oops, sorry. Great country up there in Pike Co. I thought that neck of the woods was to get *less* snow from that storm than those of us further south.