Friday, December 09, 2005

Snow! Snow! Snow!

Overnight I got almost 9" of the freshest, whitest, most powdery snow you can imagine. It started last night around 10:45 p.m. and continued until just after daybreak. I've already been out and cleared a path out my lane to the dirt road, which hasn't been plowed yet. Then I strapped on my snowshoes and went down into the woods just to take a look around. It's a beautiful snow. What a great way to start the winter!!

First thing, of course was to let the dogs out. Baby Dog goes first since it's tough for her to hold it all night, let alone until after breakfast. I opened the door for her; she started to jump out and then stopped dead and wouldn't go any further. I finally had to pick her up and plop her into the snow, which is deeper than her belly. For all of 2 seconds she didn't like it. Then suddenly she is out in the middle of it, bounding through it, ricocheting through it and having a wonderful time. She really looks like a little black bear when she is snow-covered.

Dog loves snow and was just as excited when it was his turn to go out. He ran up and down the driveway, usually with his snout under the snow.

So far, not many people are skiing (though it was just 9 a.m. when I was out). I was only just starting to see cars head into one of the two plowed lots when I was finishing my walk. The snow on the mountain looks amazing.

I've filled the bird feeders, fed the cats (and the dogs) and played outside for a bit. In an hour or so I think I'll snowshoe down to the mailbox. Don't ya just love snow days!!

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Cathy said...

I got a foot of snow and lucky for me. I had the day off. Took a few photos and will be posting one when I'm done here. Yes I love snow days too.!