Thursday, December 29, 2005

Free of Ice!

Free of ice! Free of ice! Thank God Almighty, I am free of ice! Okay, that’s a bit over the top. First of all the ice isn’t completely gone. However, I now have one track of my two-track driveway that’s almost free of ice. There’s one section, about 15 feet long, where I still have to hopscotch from ice-free patch to ice-free patch, but other than that I can walk like a normal person again. No more skootching along, like the amazing 1000 year old woman, waiting for the Big Slip that puts me into a Big Sleep, complete with injuries, etc.

In celebration, I took a walk down to the lodge area where I get my mail. While down there, I saw one new example of teenage stupidity, the ski resort/parking lot variation. This essentially means 4-5 teenagers walked out of the parking lot on their way to the lodge and directly into the path of a car in the drop-off lane. Their eyes were focused on the lodge and never looked left or right and never appeared to even notice they were walking into a roadway, where actual large and heavy vehicles drive past. The road down there still has icy patches, so when the car swerved to avoid them it nearly spun full around. At least two of the kids never looked up, so focused were they on the lodge, apparently fearing it would disappear in front of their eyes if they looked elsewhere. The three other kids laughed and never slowed down or stopped for the car to get under control. They just kept walking, as though they had a right to walk directly into the road. Where’s Darwin when you need him??

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