Sunday, September 04, 2005

September 4, 2005

I was typing at my computer this morning, felt a slight tickle on my arm and brushed it away without a thought. A moment or so later, I felt the same thing. This time I paid attention and discovered a walking stick on my arm. It was a small one, thus probably a male. I don't know how it got into the cabin, though my computer is near a window. I'll guess that it probably found a small space at the edge of one of the window screens and decided to explore the great indoors.

Anyway, I moved to take it outside and discovered how fast these little buggers move. It was all over the place, even in my hair for a moment. Now I like walking sticks. I think they’re neat-looking, but having one in my hair is a bit much. I don't care if they are vegetarians, I don't like bugs of any kind in my hair. So it was a struggle to get the thing out of my hair without hurting it. I finally managed to get it back onto my hand and took it outside, placing it on the fig tree that summers on the front porch.

Well, you wouldn’t find a walking stick in your house in suburbia too often. Although I can't honestly say that having one in the cabin and in my hair ranks up there as one of the great pleasures of living in the woods. But still....

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