Monday, October 19, 2015

Fall colors

Nell's Hill

The colors of fall are growing more intense. Each day the colors are more vibrant, and some days I could swear the colors deepen from morning to night. Of course, the golden glow of sunrise and sunset really brightens the shades.

Over the weekend, the area was treated to the first “hello” from old man winter.  We had a brief but intense period of snow, sleet and/or graupel.  Oddly, up on the mountain where I am, less of that fell than almost everywhere else.  I had a brief moment, lasting perhaps 30 seconds of sleet or graupel.  It was after dark when the precipitation fell and it melted almost immediately but there it was.

Now, the brief moment of colder weather is fading, and warmer weather is returning for a brief moment.  That’s the way of fall in this area.  We jump from fall to winter to fall and maybe half a day of summer and then winter again.  It’s impossible to dress appropriately for a full day unless I am near my closet. What’s fine in the morning is terrible by afternoon, or vice versa.

The first frost has also come and gone.  I didn’t have an obvious frost at the cabin so was surprised to see whitened grasses when I left the cabin.  That didn’t last long either.  At least not this time.


Scott said...

Your colors are more vibrant that ours, Carolyn. We're sort of muddy brown, yellow and orange--nothing spectacular--and actually most of our trees are still green. We had frost on Saturday morning when I awoke, and a very heavy frost on Sunday morning accompanied by a freeze (30 degrees). But, like you, I didn't have any frost near the house either day. Last evening, there were a very few crickets who had survived the frost/freeze singing in the meadows. No precipitation at all here, especially no graupel (a new word for me!).

Carolyn H said...

I don't get graupel very often here. It's one of those weird precipitation things that doesn't happen very often.