Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Last day of camp--already!

My adventure camp will be over after tomorrow. Where is the summer going?  To me it feels as though I should only be on week 2 or 3, not week 8 of camp.  Already the first of the poison ivy leaves are turning red, and now the famers are baling hay, too.  Before I know it, pumpkins will be for sale at the local farm markets.

Today, I am glad simply that the humidity of midsummer is gone and is not returning on even the longest of the long range forecasts I can find.  To me, this means even if that dreaded weather does return, it can’t settle in and stay for months because the season is too far along for that to happen.  Hazy, hot and humid weather starting in early June is dreadful because I know it may stay that way until the end of August and that’s just too horrible a thing to even bear to contemplate.

These less humid days and cooler nights with more of the same ahead are far more to my liking.  The only downside—and it’s a small one—is that it is now time to wear my headlamp again during my morning walks with my now 10-year-old Baby Dog.  By the time I start a walk with the puppies, the headlamp can be put away for the day.


Scott said...

The evenings have been very nice of late, and the humidity is down considerably, but the mid-day temperatures are still far too high for my liking.

Carolyn H said...

Scott: I'm just glad the humidity is gone, and even the long-range temperature forecasts aren't showing any more 90-degree weather. I hope it stays that way!