Friday, August 28, 2015

Going by so quickly

Some days I wish these lazy, hazy days of summer weren’t so crazy.  Too many paths go unwalked, too many stars aren’t stared at and too many birds aren’t looked for.

The season moves, and I’ve already missed so much of it. Even though summer isn’t my favorite of the seasons, some things can only be enjoyed and seen in summer, and so much of it is already gone.  The local soft ice cream stand closes on Labor Day, and I’ve only partaken once.  I managed to get my swimsuit out of winter storage but never got to go swimming.  I have yet to have a cookout or make s’mores. The seat cushions on my outside chairs need replacing, and the stores have already put them away until next summer.


Scott said...

Yesterday (Sunday), Kali and I decided to tackle the weed patch directly behind our house. Within one minute (no joke), Kali was wailing about the mosquito bites all over her legs, and she didn't stop because she kept getting bitten. Within 10 minutes, we were both completely soaked in sweat and it was running into and stinging our eyes. We managed to stick it out for about 2 hours, but we were miserable the whole time. Summer can't end too soon for me. I guess if you're at the seashore, half-naked with a cooling breeze, summer is tolerable, but otherwise I don't get the appeal.

Carolyn H said...

Scott: And another thing I don't get--all the people who retire and move to Florida. Are you kidding me? Why?

Scott said...

Kali and I lived in central part of the Florida peninsula for 7 years (1981-88). You see where we're NOT any longer! (The Gulf Coast beaches were really nice in the summer, though.)