Thursday, January 15, 2015


Overcast and gloomy skies are certainly dominating this winter so far.  That’s unusual for this area, where a sunny winter is more typical.  The cloud cover and shortened hours of daylight make it difficult for someone like me, who works away from the cabin, to get photos in either the morning or evening.  The progression to longer daylight seems utterly halted by the overcast sky.  Most of the time I couldn’t even tell you where the sun should be, as not even a bright spot can be found overhead.

This time last year, I found the sun rising through the forest at the time I normally head out to work. This year, not yet. This morning did bring a few moments of brighter sky before the sun disappeared into the cloud cover yet again.  The harsh cold of last week is abating somewhat, though the temperature remains below freezing, if no longer by double-digits.

The mountain roads were skating rinks for a while.  Seriously, hockey games or triple lutzes could have been done for a few days. I slipped even in my trusty Yak-trax.  Yesterday, a thick layer of stones was applied to the roads, and that helped a lot, though my Yak-trax are still firmly attached to my boots.  I am just happy that I can get the car up the mountain now and so don’t have to slip and slide a quarter mile down the mountain to my car.  It’s the little things that matter.

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Sharkbytes said...

Yes, not being able to drive to the house is the pits. So far, winter here has not been out of control. And since we are in mid January, there is NO WAY it can be like last year because there isn't enough time left. I moved enough snow last winter to satisfy me for quite a while. And I think we are seeing more blue sky than is normal for us. Odd switch.