Friday, January 09, 2015

Deer refuge

Pretty much the same view as last time--but with snow
I apologize for the lack of posts lately. It’s a bad combination—the need to acclimatize the camera in the cold weather and the fact that it’s not light enough for photos before I leave for work and too dark for them when I get home. However, the days are lengthening, if at a very slow pace, and soon one end of the day will be good enough, if still marginal, for photos.

The cold is abating, if only for today. And truthfully, although cold, it’s that wind that’s made the weather so brutal. Four degrees Fahrenheit and a 25 mph wind do not make for pleasant outings. However, this morning was 14 degrees with calm winds, and I have to say it felt balmy to me.

I do believe two summer fawns or perhaps a summer fawn and a small doe are sleeping almost underneath my cabin. Last evening as I was walking Baby Dog for the last time, we walked past the 40-year old juniper bush at one edge of the cabin. The bush is huge, as I don’t trim it, and serves as a hiding place for various birds or the semi-feral cats.

Baby Dog was entirely too interested in that spot, and I was anxious to return to the warm of the cabin, so I pulled her away. We went out to the end of the lane and came back—poor dogs are only getting short walks in this weather—and as we passed the juniper bush, two deer crashed out of that area and trotted up the mountain. Apparently, walking past them once was okay, but our return trip was too much for them. I was sorry to have startled them away from their warm bed. I hope they returned after we settled inside for the night. And now the mystery is solved. Odd that they settle so close to the cabin, but I guess the lure of a protected spot out of the wind is that great.

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Sharkbytes said...

I know! At 10 here, with no wind it felt pretty darn good.