Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Quite a large family

Rain and more rain. Everyone and everything acts tired of it. The large turkey family of 10 poults appeared barely a minute after the latest round of heavy rain ended. I grabbed this shot with my phone as I was driving home last evening from a meeting. I was afraid that if I took the moments to reach into my purse, grab my real camera and take the shot the turkeys would be gone. My phone was closer, so I used that.

Not a mile down the road several more turkey, with no poults, were together in the same field as a small herd of deer. The animals all appeared for an evening promenade or meal just as quickly as that rain ended.

So, needless to say, everything is soaked around the cabin. Wellies are my footwear of necessity. The forest is as lush as a jungle. It IS a jungle in all but official name. "The Appalachian Jungle" just doesn’t have the same ring as the Appalachian Mountains.


Scott said...

"Jungle city" here, too, further east, Carolyn. Soggy, humid...you get the point.

Your "telephone" image of the turkeys is just fine in my book.

I had despaired that we had no turkey recruitment this year. I saw at least three hens shepherding poults, and each day they had fewer and fewer poults to protect. (I suspect Cooper's hawks and foxes.) But yesterday, one of my staff members said that he saw three separate hens with poults during the last week, so it looks like we did have some successful breeding this year after all. Thank goodness.

Pablo said...

A happy family. I hope they all survive.

Granny Sue said...

Aptly put. When we get so much rain in July, it's like a humid jungle. Let's hope the weather cools down and dries off for a few days.

Sharkbytes said...

As I said on FB, that is a great picture!