Tuesday, July 08, 2014

July sunrise

Summer sunrise bodes summer storm. 

I close the windows, turn on the air conditioner and do the little tasks, like filling up water dishes, just in case of power loss.  All it takes is one tree, on the power line's long span up the mountain, to fall over in heavy rain or get struck by lightning.  Just one, and I'm out of power. 

Up here, we are always the last to get our power back.  Towns and roads with more people are the first priority.  So batteries are stored, electronic devices are kept charged and lanterns are always handy.  I just never know when I will need them, so they are always at hand.  If I don't need them this time, today, then it will be next week or the week after.  Such things are routine here.  Preparedness is a way of life.


Scott said...

Carolyn: Sounds like you should get a generator. You probably have relatively low power demands, and a generator could keep your lights on and the refrigerator cold.

We lost power (for two hours) on Independence Day eve (last Thursday) during a thunderstorm, and then we lost power again at just about the same time (6 p.m.) for two hours on Independence Day itself, even though the sky was clear and sunny. Aargh! We actually DIDN'T lose power last night (Tuesday, July 8) even though a cold front went through accompanied by tremendous thunderstorms that knocked out power for 200,000 people around Philadelphia.

Sharkbytes said...

Yes, I have about 15 gallons of water tucked away under a table in case we lose power or water.

Carolyn H said...

Scott: i don't have a place to store a generator or the gas needed to run one. I don't have a garage or a shed, and I don't want to store gasoline in the cabin.

Carolyn H said...

Joan: I have water stored, too, though in a worst case scenario I could pull water from the pond and then treat it.