Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Where am I going to put it?

Where am I going to put it?

That was my first thought when I heard a nor’easter will bring another foot of snow to my door tonight and tomorrow.  Another shovel-fest is about to begin.  As the road from the lane to my cabin door is about 150 ft. long, shoveling will take up most of my energy over tomorrow and Friday, I’m sure.

The second thought I had about the impending snow was, “the chickens won’t be happy.” Chickens don’t like the snow at all, often refusing to cross even the narrow patch of open ground to get underneath the cabin where they find all sorts of goodies and grit.

A foot of snow will be almost twice the height of puppy Skye, though he seems to love the snow and it probably won’t stop him or slow him down for long.

So that brings me back to the big question, of where I’m going to put that much snow.  The answer is that I have no idea but I’d better start figuring it out.  Tonight at the cabin I’ll be doing a few chores to help me prepare for the storm—taking the garbage to the recycling bins, carrying the 40 lb. bag of chicken food from the car to the cabin, taking the car down the mountain to park where the roads will be plowed fairly soon after the snow ends.   It will be a busy evening, and somewhere in there I hope I can start to figure out where I’m going to put another foot of snow.


Countryside Tales said...

Goodness, you are getting some heavy weather. Hope you'll be OK. The photo is beautiful though :-)

Cathy said...

I'm facing the same problem, where to put the snow. I'm getting between 12- 19 of snow.

Don't really need anymore. It all has to melt and that will be another mess to deal with.

Sharkbytes said...

I had to carry each shovelfull a step or two before throwing when I cleared the end of the drive this time. Ugh. But we are supposed to get some melting next week (that only makes a huge mess, but I think I'll take it). The compost is in a big covered bucket in the kitchen. It's so deep to the compost pile I haven't tried.