Monday, February 10, 2014

Still frozen

The winter of 2014 on Roundtop isn’t letting up for a minute so far.  Forget about the years when the  temperature rises above freezing during the day for at least an hour or so.   This winter isn’t one of those.  This winter barely flirts with 30 degrees and then only occasionally.  Most days reach the mid-20’s and can go no higher.

Puppy Skye has yet to see bare ground in his short life.  He does seem to like the snow, but is always ready to return to the warmth of the cabin.  Baby Dog finds the crusty snow a challenge and gives every indication she just doesn’t like it, as she searches and searches for a suitable spot to do her business.  I tell her there are no suitable spots, but she’s convinced there’s one out there somewhere.

I haven’t seen a rabbit since before the holidays, but there’s one or more around.  I found tracks going underneath my parked car and coming out the other side this morning. Deer are a constant, though usually invisible, presence.  They like to eat the juniper bush by the side of the cabin, even if they have to stand on my lowest step to reach the best parts.

Much of the ice from last weeks’ storm still adorns the forest trees.  During a sunny day the forest sees a bit of radiational melting, even though the temperature never rose to freezing.  My cedar tree no longer touches the ground; it is now about three feet above it, still badly bent but better than it was.  Whenever the weather lets up, I may try to tie it up if it doesn’t rebound on its own.  I am still concerned for it but less so than I was when the storm first hit. If nothing else happens, I am starting to be hopeful it will survive.


Sharkbytes said...

At least we didn't get the ice layer. It's so hard on trees.

Scott said...

We lost power for 5 days, Carolyn--just getting it again on Sunday afternoon. Actually, we got power back after one day (yeah!), only to have it go off again when a limb came down across our electric wire one hour later(boo!).

Pablo said...

I'm afraid to find out what my pines look like after all of the snow and ice I'm sure has hit my woods.