Thursday, October 03, 2013

Where's my dinner?

So the other night I heard first a cat and then Baby Dog scratching at the front door.  I ignored them for a minute or so, but the scratching continued and grew more intense, so I was forced to stop my dinner preparations and go to investigate.  And what do I see? 

Several of my chickens are looking in the cabin through the front door.  The sight of chickens calmly looking in the cabin from the front porch was driving the inside animals crazy—and, if you’ll notice, their scratching soon made the glass on my front door pretty dirty.  The chickens were undeterred by the cat and dog. They knew the two were on the other side of the door and thus weren’t able to get to them.
So what were the chickens doing peering into the cabin?  They were telling me it was time for their dinner.  Chickens aren’t nearly as dumb as they are often portrayed. My chickens knew I was in the cabin, and they know where their dinner comes from. The fact that I was late getting home and so was operating a bit behind my usual schedule was not an excuse they were willing to hear about.  It was their dinner time, and they wanted it now. Since the dinner was not immediately forthcoming, they simply gathered on the front porch to find out where it was (and to remind me about it just in case I’d forgotten). 

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Sharkbytes said...

Chickens are SO funny. We don't have any now, but I have had them at points in my life.