Monday, October 21, 2013

October colors

Taken at Pinchot Lake October 20, 2013
This autumn is one where the only way I can get the fall colors to show up in a photograph is to take a photo at sunrise when the low angle of the sun could make green leaves look golden.  It certainly makes drab color look pretty spectacular, doesn’t it? Trust me, it’s not this pretty in real life.

I am hoping that a bit of predicted frost later this week will improve things, assuming the leaves don’t fall before then. At my cabin, even on days without a breeze, the leaves are still falling. One by one they drop to the ground without any help from even the faintest breeze.  A little breeze sets them to falling by the hundreds. Leaves litter my decks by the thousands, and will even after all the leaves are down, until snow or a wet rain pins them to the ground. Until then, they swirl all around the forest but always manage to end up on my decks.

For all that many leaves have fallen, I haven’t yet regained my western vista. I can see the sky above the mountain to the west, but not the mountain itself. I check at least once each day for the first glimpse of the mountain—so far no joy.  It won’t be long, though. I can hardly wait!


Cathy said...

beautiful shot . All my bright ones are pretty much done, just left with the somber ones.

And I'll admit, I'm in the mood to see a few snowflakes now.

Carolyn H said...

Cathy: Thanks! We might both see snowflakes by the end of the week!

Scott said...

Carolyn, we're still mostly green (and mostly leafy) here 75 miles to the east.

Sharkbytes said...

That is real life- just only once a day! Beautiful