Thursday, September 26, 2013

Deer at sunrise

Sunrise September 26 ,2013
Can I let a month go by without posting a photo of a nice sunrise? Why would I even want to let that happen? Here, we are right at the end one month and nearly on the heels of the next, so if I’m going to post a nice sunrise photo, it had better be today.

The three deer that live around the cabin grow ever less wary. I might scare them off when I walk into the drive after a walk with Baby Dog, but once I put her inside and then go out to feed the chickens, there they are again. Last night a large doe “tip-toed” across the driveway behind me. I only saw her when I just happened to turn around. She wasn’t in any hurry.

This morning the same doe and her now-spotless fawn were munching grass in my neighbor’s boulder-sized yard. Sometimes I see them by his boat or his grill. Sometimes they are by my back steps. They are sneaky and apparently don’t mind at all being within hearing distance of televisions, outdoor cellphone conversations or me working around the cabin. They are happing to ignore me as long as I pretend not to notice them. They don’t much like being looked at. Perhaps they will grow more wary when the forest’s summer vegetation is completely gone. For now, they are almost underfoot.


Countryside Tales said...

Beautiful picture. Interesting how so many wild things don't mind a human presence but won't tolerate direct eye contact.

Carolyn H said...

Thanks! The sunrise did all the work. I just watched it.

Cathy said...

Carol - that is a prefect photo. Simply beautiful too

Sharkbytes said...

That sunrise looks like the trees are just floating in the sky!

Scott said...

Carolyn: That sunrise image is worthy of a screensaver!

The deer here are behaving similarly, and ours don't like eye contact, either. Hunting season opened here last Saturday, which usually spooks the deer a bit, but I haven't noticed much change in their behavior yet this year.