Tuesday, November 27, 2012


It’s snowing! When I left the cabin this morning, I had little more than a dusting. By noon the snow has stopped, and I’ve gotten an inch or two of wet snow that won’t last very long. Still, this little bit of snow has made me ridiculously happy.

Last year snow was virtually non-existent after 10 inches fell on Halloween. I’ve never seen a winter with such a small amount of snow. And the ever-present, looming climate change only made the lack of snow seem as though this area was on the precipice of becoming another Georgia, or at least a Virginia. Neither of those places are much known for winter weather.

Snow on white pine needles
So along comes 2012 with its blistering hot July, and I was already wondering how far north I’d have to move just to live in weather like it used to be here 20 years ago. I got myself thoroughly worked up about it—leaving family and friends, looking for a new job, leaving my cabin and wondering if I’d ever find another place like it. How would I make new friends where I didn’t know anyone? Yes, I was completely overwrought.

But now, it’s November 2012, and the weather this fall has been almost perfectly normal, even a tad on the chilly side. To cap off the month I’m seeing an actual snow and not just snowflakes in the air or a momentary flurry. Ah, this is November the way it’s supposed to be. I guess I can stay here at least another year. Saved by the snow.


Cathy said...

I got two inches of teh white stuff up here. It just pretty much snow all, which suited me fine! Hoping it stays around for my tomorrow's walk.

Scott said...

Got a thick dusting (if that's what you can call it when it's so wet and heavy) further east on the Piedmont, but Kali said that there was no snow at all in Philadelphia--just rain.