Friday, October 26, 2012

Then and now

What a difference one weekend will make! I took this photo last weekend up at Michaux State Forest. This weekend I will be deep into getting ready for Hurricane Sandy, a gal I’m already not liking very much. I’ve heard too much about her already and she’s still almost four days from appearing on my doorstep.

For me, the wind will be likely be the biggest worry. Anyone who lives in a forest worries about that. Doing without power is no fun but that’s nothing compared to a downed tree on the cabin. Water in the basement is no fun either, but that’s why I have pumps, both electric and battery-powered (though the battery-powered one might not be up to handling the water from this kind of storm).

Whatever plans I thought I might have for this weekend will be put on hold, both because of getting ready for the storm and paying attention to where the storm is going to go and when. The animals are blissfully unaware of anything other than getting their dinner. I sort of wish I could be, too.

So, if blogging ceases for a bit, it’s because I’m out of power and/or internet. I hope to still be online for Monday, but I’m taking no bets for after that.


Cathy said...

Not looking forward to this either. Part of me was hoping it would go out to sea. No such luck. Hopefully Sandra will lose lots steam and the damage won't be so bad.

Sabine said...

I hope it will pass without much damage. Stay safe.

Carolyn H said...

Cathy: I hope Sandy bypassed you. I think it might have been too far to the west for you. I hope that was the case.

Carolyn H said...

Sabine: It was a rough night, but all at the cabin made it through. Now, it's a matter of picking up the twig-carpeted driveway and cleaning off the decks and cleaning out the gutters again. I hate when I have to do that job more than once.