Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hey, mom, what is this thing?

Hey, mom, what is this thing?
It's a puffball, Baby Dog.
A ball?  Toss it, please!  Pretty please!  I wanna play with the ball!
No, Baby Dog. It's not that kind of ball.
No?  Since when can't we play ball?  Was I bad?
No, you aren't bad.  It's a ball that won't bounce and won't roll.
What the heck kind of a ball is that? 
It's a fungus.
Doesn't seem like a lot of fun to me if I can't play with it.  And who's Gus?
There is no Gus.
How come Gus is having all the fun?
There is no Gus.
You're getting me a brother, aren't you? I don't like brothers.  Wait!  Does Gus bring the fun?  Can I play with the ball when Gus comes?
There is no Gus. You are not getting a brother.
You're going to let me play with the ball after I pose for this photo, aren't you?
It's not that kind of ball. (sigh)

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