Friday, July 06, 2012

Still in the heat wave

Day one of the latest heat wave is over, and I’m currently in the middle of day two. I will need to make it through Saturday, with a forecast of 100°F, to reach the end of the worst of this heat.

In the woods where I live, the temperature is always a few or several degrees cooler than in the surrounding towns, though I never get a break from the humidity. Today at noontime it is already above 90°, which makes me think the prediction of 96 for today could be on the low side.

The heat just sucks the moisture out of the ground. Last evening Dog was klutzing around in the forest undergrowth and it sounded like he was breaking glass. Every twig, every leaf he touched just crumbled. The corn is so dry its leaves are curled up and look like pineapple plants. An outside plant that I watered one evening is dead and brown by the next.

Even leaves on some trees are turning brown and falling to the ground. So far I’ve seen mostly tulip poplar or maple leaves. Likely, the leaves that fell came from previously-damaged or weaker twigs. I’ve seen this happen before, though always in September after a hot, dry August. It does not bode well, methinks, to see this in early July.

Although no rain is in the immediate forecast, I’m already hoping for a wet or a cool August. This heat wave is more like August, anyway, so perhaps August will do something else this year. I can only hope.


Scott said...

I drove from my suburban Philadelphia home to Center City last night. When I left my leafy, natural abode, it was 79 degrees; by the time I'd gotten to the Philly heat island, it was 91!

I think that the Piedmont here has been over 90 degrees since at least last Friday (June 29), so this is Day 8 of our heat wave, not Day 1 of your latest. There may be thunderstorms on Sunday, but it doesn't sound too likely.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Come to England! Wet, dreary and relatively cool.

Cathy said...

It's dry up here too and not liking the heat either.

How about snow in August ? Ok that's a stretch but I'll take a rainy August or a hot one.