Friday, July 27, 2012


My climb up the ski slopes on Wednesday evening gave me a different view of the tornado damage that occurred on Roundtop a year ago in April. Starting this spring Roundtop hired a logging company to remove and salvage the wood from as many of the downed trees as possible. The photo I took on Wednesday shows how the area looks now that logging is completed. From this distance it looks more like a park than a forest, though when I’m closer it still looks like a forest, though a badly damaged one.

The worst damaged area is about .3 mile from my cabin and I can still remember how that storm looked and sounded when it blasted down the hill. Last night I had another ominous-looking storm, with rolling black clouds that turned day the color of night. But last night’s storm couldn’t compare to the one that brought the tornado, fortunately. I’ll probably measure all future storms against that one. I tell people that was the worst storm I experienced in 20 years of living in the woods, and I hope I won’t be around the next time there’s another one. I’m not sure if the odds are in my favor for that or not.


Scott said...

Alas, I'm afraid we're in for many more such storms, Carolyn. The last "bad" one, like you experienced, blew through my neighborhood in 1998, leaving the woodlands looking much like those in your image of the ski area woods.

"Your" evening storm storm rolled in here last night at 7:30, with roiling black clouds and a short but torrential burst of rain. Then it rained gently, on and off, for the rest of the night. That's more like it.

Amish Stories said...

A tornado with lots of trees does not make for a good situation, and you would hardly know from the picture that anything like that had happened. Richard