Monday, April 16, 2012

Redbud and dogwood

Dogwood and Redbud
Scouting around the mountain this weekend, I did find a spot where both redbud and dogwood trees are blooming more or less side by side. This dogwood tree is even more spindly than the redbud and isn’t nearly as attractive. Perhaps, now that I know where they are, if I keep an eye on them over the next 10 years or so, the dogwood tree will catch up to the redbud and be just as lush. For now, this is the best I can do.

The photo today also shows the current state of leaf development at Roundtop. It’s far more pronounced than it should be in mid-April. Cooler weather after the record-breaking temperatures of March did slow down the progress somewhat, but today is another near-record breaking day of heat that will likely get the leaves bursting again.

I still have something of a view around the cabin, but it’s lessening a little each day. In another week, perhaps two, it will be gone until November.  For now, I'm enjoying my last views of the open canopy around the cabin.  Soon, I'll have to walk out to the lane just to see what the weather is doing.  Losing my view of the sky always takes some getting used to. I'm not there yet. 

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Nance said...

We had a redbud spring worthy of royalty but we don't have dogwoods in this part of the world :( We too are a month ahead of schedule this spring. I guess we could still have a hard freeze but I'm not fretting so much about that anymore, as late as we are getting to be. However, I did once read a book "The year there was no Winter" set in NY state and based on fact.