Monday, January 23, 2012

Snow! (and ice and fog and ice fog)

Odd, how a few inches of snow has changed my mood, softening my anxious mind. Winter looks like winter for the first time this year. The season is as it should be, for at least the next little while.

Winters should not feel and look like November, or like a winter in Georgia, when I live on a mountain in Pennsylvania. Now that I have snow, winter feels like itself again. I only hope it’s not a momentary aberration.

The dreaded ice storm did not materialize, though this morning produced a bit of freezing drizzle. I even have an ice fog, as you can tell from this morning’s photo. That is an uncommon occurrence here. Fog usually comes with warmer temperatures.

The feeder birds suddenly remember where my feeders are and have arrived hungry and demanding. So far, no unusual or even uncommon species are in evidence, just the usual suspects—titmice, chickadees, nuthatches, a wary blue jay, the odd starling and the like.

In this era of warming trends, it’s comforting to know that winter is not yet dead. Doom and gloom can wait for another day. Or year. Or decade.


John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Beautiful cold misty blues in your photo. We used to get lots of freezing fog during our winters when I worked on a farm; then my beard used to ice up and I looked like Father Christmas!

Granny Sue said...

It was momentary here, unfortunately. Today was in the 60's. My bulbs are way up out of the ground. What a winter.

Cathy said...

I only got 4-5 inches of snow and the rain right now is taking it away :( Had a slight coating of ice this morning, just enough to cause the schools to have a 2 hour delay. oh the parents don't like that

Beth Niquette said...

Hello, Carolyn! I love your blog--I have featured you and your photography in this week's FATuesday Artist Spotlight.

Thank you for sharing your heart with us--I have so enjoyed getting to know you through your blog.

Carolyn H said...

John: Thanks! usually, our winters are cold but not foggy. This week we have both!

Granny Sue: I haven't had anything like temperatures in the 60's here for a while.

Cathy: Your weather sounds like mine right now. I still have snow cover, but it went fast. Kids here had a 2 hour delay, too.

Beth: Thanks so much! That's really cool!

Beth Niquette said...

It is just plain cold and rainy today. (sigh) Even though I am a native born Oregonian, this rain--two straight years, with not much sun--is finally getting to me. Ah, for some snow--or sun! Fog would be nice.