Thursday, January 12, 2012

Foggy morning
Fog has ruled the mornings here on Roundtop the past few mornings. It’s the kind of fog that might make for a good photo at 10 a.m., but certainly not at 7:30 a.m. when I am out and about. So today’s photo is not current. I took it earlier in the week when the fog wasn’t so soupy.

The spate of mild January weather is soon to end with a bit of snow and a lot of wind. It will come as a shock to all, from me to the wintering animals. I miss having a snowy winter and I worry about how this might signal yet more climate change. Still, the balmy temperatures are easier on my heating bill and make the outside chores a lot easier. And that’s all about to come to a screeching halt. I am trying to prepare myself for the sudden change, but winters are much easier to grow accustomed to when the temperature changes little by little.

At least I know the change is coming and can prepare for it in some ways. How much can the deer do? The summer fawns know little of winter’s harshness, and the old does are likely not looking forward to it. The squirrels should be fine. Those fat little rats with bushy tails eat more birdseed than the birds do. The winter birds have largely ignored my feeders for much of the winter so far. Now, they will have to push the squirrels away to get anything. I’m confident the local birds at least know where my feeders are, even if they haven’t partaken of it much.

So, though it’s long overdue, winter appears poised to make an appearance. Whether it will take up residence just for a few days or for the duration is anyone’s guess.


am said...

That's what's happening here, too, in this far northern corner of the Pacific Northwest. It's been a mild winter, but there is snow in the forecast. When I have gone out before 7:30 in the past few mornings, the moon has been trying to shine through the fog.

Friends have seen snowy owls not far from here.

Carolyn H said...

am: I haven't heard yet of snowy owls down here, though I know of a few in New York. They are such beautiful birds. I saw one not too far east of me perhaps 10 years ago. i'd love to see another. There's still time for them to show up here this year, I hope!

Scott said...

Nice foggy image, Carolyn. It almost looks like there's a forest fire just over the ridge.

I've saved money on birdseed this fall and early winter, too, since the birds haven't been coming around much. But, just before Wednesday night's big rain, they were stocking up; surely they knew. This weekend, I'll bet that the suet blocks will take a hit, too.

Carolyn H said...

Scott: just the fire of sunrise!