Sunday, December 12, 2010

Foggy woods, damp day

Virtually every kind of precipitation there is fell out of the sky today. By dusk the precipitation was rain. Most of the day was foggy, as you can see from the photo I took earlier today. It was the kind of day that demanded cups of hot tea and a couple of wet walks in the woods with the dogs, followed by a sit in front of the fire.
In other words, the day was a bit lazy, perhaps lacking only a nap to turn it into a full-scale kind of lazy day. Even the chickens weren't inclined to wander outside their pen, though the gate was open most of the day. The dogs didn't mind the wet weather, at least not enough to want to stay inside when offered the chance for a walk.

Our forays produced a few surprises--a robin scolded us, the flickers I hadn't seen for a few weeks skittered in front of us. Wait, a robin? Where did that come from? Canada, perhaps? Unhappy with me or the dogs, the bird scolded as we passed. The flickers are less of a surprise, but still a pleasant sighting after not seeing them for a while.

We didn't see anyone on our walks, which given the weather, is hardly a surprise. Where I like to walk, it's rare to run into someone even in nice weather. And on those few occasions, the human is likely to be a ski resort employee on some errand or another. But today there was none of that, just me and the dogs, the wet and brown woods and the fog.

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jeannette said...

miserable weather - but it makes a good pic:)