Thursday, June 03, 2010

Summer? It shouldn't be just yet

I’m having a difficult time remembering that this is only the first of June. Already the heat and humidity are at July levels. This area seems to have zipped right by that lovely spring weather with temperatures in the mid-70’s and a lovely breeze pushes cumulus clouds across a clear blue sky. Instead, as you can see by today’s photo, I have that hazy humidity of midsummer.

The evening was still a pretty one, if hot. The view behind the cabin is lush with the greenery of summer. The abandoned ski slope looks more like a hay field than anything. 

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jeannette said...

In California we have a dry heat -am glad because I don't do well with humidity...but it's by no means summer here right now -still in the one day cloudy/rainy and next-day-sunny stage.