Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Never a wordless Wednesday

The first of the brown-eyed susans are blooming this week on Roundtop. I liked this one as it looked like it was waving at me with that single bent petal. Hi, back at you, too!
The weather is now perfect, a huge improvement over the heat and humidity of just a day ago. It was enough for me to catch-up on some housework—including the long-neglected ironing—last evening. I wasn’t entirely housebound and wandered outside in the woods for a while not long before sunset. I felt as though I’d arrived on a different planet, one that was cool and pleasant, not the tropical un-paradise I’d been stuck in for a week or more. I’m back in the temperate zone!

Dog and Baby Dog were both bad last night, no doubt filled with energy after days of doing nothing more active than sprawling across the floor. The raccoons paid a visit to the deck for the first time in a couple of days, too. The blue jays attacked and swooped on the neighbor’s aging, half-blind cat. All is back to normal on the mountain again.

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Cathy said...

That's a cute photo!

Yes it was a wonderful day with the cooler temps. Hopefully it stays that way for the weekend.