Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Lovely winter days

The weather right now suits me perfectly. The days warm to near 40. The nights are only several degrees below freezing. Snow showers fall nearly every day. The frigid, blustery nights of midwinter have eased. Daylight lasts, if weakly, into the evening again. I love this. I’d be happy to have a month of weather like this.

This morning I heard a pair of great horned owls calling way down at the bottom of the mountain. They were so far away that I had to stop and listen and hope they would call again for me to be sure I heard them. This is the first I’ve heard them this year. I’m sure that hearing them now is a function of how the morning sky is paling at the time I always walk the dogs. They have likely always called when the stars are beginning to disappear and the eastern sky is just turning from black to charcoal, but it is only now that event corresponds to my own morning walks.

The weather certainly isn’t spring-like, but it feels as though the worst of winter has passed. The days grow a bit warmer, the days lengthen. I feel as though I’ve gotten through the worst of it for this season, so now I can enjoy what’s left of the winter.


The-Grizzled-But-Still-Incorrigible-Scribe-Himself! said...

Haven't heard the first owl yet along the river, and I'm usually out for at least a few minutes attending to feeders and such, well before all but the barest light. There are a lot of great horned owls along here, though, so I'm probably just missing their booming hoots.

I like this in-between weather, too—although wiping mud off the dog's paws and belly after a walk gets kinda old. But Moon just flops over, sticks her feet up, and waits for me to towel her clean. I do love the lengthening days.

Carolyn H said...

Griz: Roundtop is still frozen most of the time--at least when I'm out with the dogs. Mud will likely take the foreground in another week or two. For now, I still have plenty of snow.

Carolyn h

Cathy said...

It would be great if the bulk of winter is gone. not really looking forward to tomorrow snowfall. I need a week of sun and the temps in the upper 40s.

Plus anything that falls from the sky must be rain too! I just miss hearing it.

Woodswoman Extraordinaire said...

I love that picture of the looming tree tops, so high above!

Carolyn H said...

Cathy: I didn't get much new snowfall--a trace, really. It snowed for hours but never amounted to much.

Carolyn h

Carolyn H said...

WW: Every now and again I have to remind myself to look up!

Carolyn H