Thursday, February 05, 2009

Pretty winter sunset (aka Experiment 2)

Seeing this pretty winter sunset last evening has given me an idea for another one of my experiments. Long time readers of Roundtop Ruminations might remember that last spring I took one photo a week of the same spot in my back forest so I could see how that spot went from winter to summer.

If you’ve forgotten or want to see the results, check my Labels for the blog and look under "Experiment." Here’s the short version: for several weeks you didn’t see much change and then it suddenly "exploded" with greenery.

Anyway, while I was looking at the sunset last evening, what I noticed was how far to the south the sunset was, much further than it is in summer. This sun is now setting in the southwest. In summer, it will set in the northwest. So I’m going to occasionally show where the sun sets, likely no more often than once a month. I should have taken a photo on December 21 when the sun was at its furthest point to the south, but I didn’t have the idea then. At some point, likely in May, I will need to move take my photo at a slightly different spot than I am today, because the summer greenery will block my view. But the new spot will still show the same general view of Nell’s Hill (or likely Flat Mtn. to the north by then).

The new series of photos will be called Experiment 2 in the blog Labels. Sometimes I think I’m just too easily amused.


Deb said...

That sounds like a good idea to me! The sun, and moon, vary so much here in where they rise; it would be interesting to do that same thing from one of our upper windows.

fudgelady said...

I could look at sunset photos forever -- bring 'em on!

Pablo said...

I think it's an excellent series of photos to take and display. I wish I could be out at Roundrock at those times consistently to do the same thing.

Mel said...

Sounds like fun! I'll keep an eye on the new experiment!