Thursday, February 26, 2009

Experiment #2

Twenty days after my first photo of "experiment #2," I’m posting the second photo. I’ve been trying to get my second photo for most of this past week, only to have clouds hide the sunset at the last moment. Last night was at least my third attempt to get the second photo.

As you can tell, the sun has moved quite a bit to the north over the past 20 days. Sunset is now almost to the top of Nell’s Hill, and in the first photo sunset was very near the base of the mountain.

The snow has also disappeared since my first photo, due mostly to several warm days a week or so ago. Yesterday it was 14 degrees when I left the house. This morning it was above freezing, though I still had a sleet shower this morning.

I have a bad habit of tossing whatever outwear I’m using for the day over the back of a kitchen chair instead of hanging it in the closet. That way I can just grab it and go out and not be bothered with walking over to the closet, opening the closet door and removing the item (Yes, I know how lazy that sounds). This morning, the kitchen looked as though I must have had a slumber party overnight and none of us hung up our coats. I had something draped over every chair. So far this week I’ve worn my heavy parka, my regular cloth winter coat, a fleece jacket and this morning, a lined raincoat. If it warms up enough to take out the lining in the raincoat, I will have gone through all coat and jacket possibilities in my closet. And it’s only Thursday.


The-Grizzled-But-Still-Incorrigible-Scribe-Himself! said...

That's a neat sequence—firm visual proof that spring is inching our way day by day.

Mel said...

I love your experiments!

BTW, you are not the only one with such habit... hehe