Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Total confusion

Not more than a week or so ago, I complained about how gloomy one particular morning was. I was wrong. That was nothing. This is gloom.

The weather this week may take the cake for its extremes. Snow and temperatures down to 14F, followed 36 hours later by rain, fog and 55F. Don’t like it? Well, tonight the temperature drops again and will bring rain, sleet, ice and snow. Whatever I decide to wear in the morning, I need something entirely different by afternoon. It’s pretty funny, actually.

Two days ago I wore my parka and snowboarding pants. Last night I stepped outside the cabin in a light rain jacket and flip flops. I smelled rain and a skunk, which I thought would have been in hibernation by now. Perhaps it was, until the warmer temperatures woke it up for a day or so.

Tomorrow I will need the parka again. I can’t keep track. At this rate I’ll soon end up in a parka and flip-flops.


Dana and Daisy said...

I saw a woman in flip-flops yesterday and it was beginning to sleet outside. I held my tongue, but I so wanted to say, Girl! You are going to catch your death of cold out there! It is my maternal instincts coming out.

Keep a pair of boots in your car just in case!

Cicero Sings said...

The weather has been crazy up in our neck of the woods as well ... but not quite as crazy as your own!

Ruth said...

Best to pack up those flip flips, lol! I am still wearing my Crocs out in the snow to the feeders, but they are no good on ice.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Yes, the weather is CRAZY!!! We were frigidly cold a few days ago--and then it warmed up. Yesterday, the winds blew like CRAZY all day long. AND last night the RAINS came. Now--it's foggy and gloomy--and they say we may get snow tomorrow!!! Huh??????? CRAZY!

Cathy said...

They are calling for ice and snow for up here too. Hopefully some ice comes before noon. I rather stay home tomorrow and work on getting my Christmas tree up :)

phylliso said...

It was bitter cold here Sun.I had to hang out the dh truck window to take some pics of the beautiful skies.I got sick Mon.when it rainned so much,woke up yesterday to take out the dogs & thought I had been in a coma for a couple of months.It seemed like spring.The rain had made the buds on the trees swell.Now there is to be ice.I believe the weather was the same last year though,phylliso

Carolyn H said...

Dana and Ruth: for cold days, fleece-lined flip-flops are the best!

Cicero and Betsy: Crazy weather is preferable to warm weather!

Cathy: I am now 1 degree from ice. I'm hoping the temperature doesn't slide that last degree until I get home tonight.

Carolyn H.